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Lady of the Lamp

Lady of the Lamp PDF Author: Caiseal Mór
Publisher: Blue Angel Gallery
ISBN: 9780980398311
Category : Fantasy fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 460
Book Description
The noble quest for the Holy Grail lay at the very heart of the Order of the Knights Templar. What could have inspired a brotherhood of warrior-monks to search the four corners of the world for such a thing? Forget, for a moment, all those clever Christianised diversions involving secret genealogies, clandestine inter-breeding and blood royal. It's true; all Grail romances speak of a woman who guards the sacred vessel. Some claim the Grail preserves a royal house; a few hint that the vessel itself is a woman. But the Grail has many other attributes. If you read the tales carefully you'll find that whoever possesses it can scry the future. It was explicitly spoken of as an actual artefact that can bestow limitless wealth and immortality. If you dig deep enough you'll discover the Grail existed long before the Christians and their holy wars. Alexander the Great conquered the East looking for it. Indeed, the Grail is a mystical object so ancient, some stories claim it was uncovered when the Persians founded the great city of Persepolis. That's the Holy Grail the Knights Templar travelled near and far to find. On the borders of the Forest of Keak a mighty host of Templar warriors is assembling. At their head is a ruthless warlord who has devoted his life to the Quest. Garamond de Lusignon once had the Grail within his reach but it was snatched away from under his nose by a band of audacious thieves. It's taken him twenty years to track them down and in all that time the fire of his rage has never diminished. He knows exactly where it's concealed and who kept it from him. Eager for revenge, as much as to claim the Prize, Garamond sends his lieutenant to the Castle of Montsalvasch. He offers an ultimatum to the noblemen who rule the forest. Surrender the Grail or suffer the consequences of a holy war. Give up the Treasure or every living soul within the forest will be branded a heretic and put to the sword.